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Fantasy or God-Given Dream?

Most people’s big dreams are simply a fantasy.

Fantasy: speculation, make-believe, the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Most people spend their days in make-believe mode. Watching Disney, Marvel Movies, reading comics, and playing video games. Television has them fantasizing about being things that they will NEVER be or do. They have unrealistic expectations about dating, marriage, business, ministry, and life. It’s all a fantasy. They get it from the make-believe world of television.

Then as you grow up you hear a motivational speaker tell you to fantasize more by telling you to dream big or bigger than what you’re already doing. It’s ridiculous. This is why people get offended when someone is teaching them to be responsible because they have spent all their lives in fantasy mode being irresponsible.

God put us in His plans not the other way around. It’s only possible for me to plant churches everywhere because God ordained it. God gave me the ability and grace through His Word and Spirit. I have the authority to say ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE in the boundaries of my assignment.

People are fantasizing

  • about becoming the celebrity they watch on television.

  • about becoming a billionaire like the people they envy.

  • about owning a business because it’s popular, not because they want to help people with their service or product.

  • about becoming a big-time preacher.

  • about having a big church with a big building.

  • about getting a lot of attention to feed their low self-esteem.

  • about marrying the perfect person with no flaws.

It’s speculation. It’s a fantasy.

Maybe Joseph’s family should’ve dreamt bigger, and they wouldn’t have bowed down to Joseph! Their dream was too small! (For you technical people, that is a joke).

People love playing fantasy sports. A fantasy sport (also known less commonly as rotisserie or roto) is a type of online game where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games.

This society loves to fantasize. We have changed the name of fantasizing to “Dreaming Big”.

Who gives dreams?

Where did you get your dream from? God gives genuine dreams. We fantasize. You have gotten confused. You think your fantasies are God-given dreams and instructions from God.

Dreams and visions are for future warnings, instructions, and they are one of the ways God gives people their life’s assignment.

  • Job 33:14 “For God speaks again and again, 15 in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on men as they lie on their beds. 16 He opens their ears in times like that and gives them wisdom and instruction, 17-18 causing them to change their minds, and keeping them from pride, and warning them of the penalties of sin, and keeping them from falling into some trap.

How do you discern if it’s a God dream or your fantasy?

Fantasies come from selfish motives. You envied someone and now that’s what you want to do. You are jealous and so you fantasize about having that. Your fantasy is about your pleasure and not the real purpose. You’re dreaming up things that you’ve already seen and heard. It’s about getting attention on you. It's about doing what’s trending in the church and world cultures. You are fantasizing, not dreaming God’s dream. Your fantasy is always BIG. You have tons of fantasies (ideas).

  • Proverbs 19:20 Listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days. 21 Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the purpose of the LORD will prevail.

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