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Doc Murphy is a serial church planter, serial entrepreneur, author, and songwriter. 


He is the founder of The Everywhere Network. A church planting network with plans to plant churches in every city and state in the United States and internationally.


He owns Creative Apostle, a music production, and book publishing company. He leads Widman University/The 8:18 Division, a business and finance school. He is also the founder of Holy Ghost University and Worship U.

Some of his books include Personal Monetary System, Watermelon Anointing Second Edition, Wisdom 2.0, Go to Heaven, Born for this, Understanding and Discovering the Y in U, The Conqueror's Mentality, The Right Hand, Strong in Trials and Tribulations, The Apostolic Church, One Church Multiplied, Multi-Site Explained, Tent Makers, Christian Conduct, Kingdompreneur, Small Church Large Church, Go fishing, #Everywhere, On a Mission, The Greatest Gift, How to get God to hear you, Faith, Full-Time Believer, Think Like the Boss, Go Ready Set!, Leadership Lessons from John the Baptist, You are Exceptional, The Green Bughatti, and History Makers.


Doc lives with his wife Mary in Plano, TX.

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